iQuantis services are structured around software implementation, custom software development, and low code solutions. On the implementation side, iQuantis focusses on FlowCentric Processware, the Terra.Earth Metaverse (Builder) and NEOS CMS. On the custom side anything goes with our focus being web-based platforms and applications. The low code side combines near shoring cost advantages with the speed and savings potential of enterprise low code solutions. All these services require planning, project management, testing, reviewing, deployment, and maintenance. No matter if a project is run in waterfall or scrum, communications is the key to meeting and exceeding your expectations.

We Provide

iQuantis provides the following services with you in mind

Expert Developers

Our growing team of developers covers a wide range of coding languages and 

Custom Development

We custom develop web portals, applications, and software based on your specific requirements.

System Implementation

We implement the FlowCentric Processware BPM, the NEOS Content Management System, and several e-commerce solutions.

System Integration

We connect your existing and third-party systems. We build integration layers with FlowCentric BPM. We integrate with the metaverse Terra.Earth.

Low Code Solutions

FlowCentric allows us to build process driven applications through low code and build Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

Great Support

We believe in long-term relationships. Relationship building requires effort. That's why we see support as an investment in you.

Why Us?
Trusted Nearshoring

Nearshoring with iQuantis is ideal for you if you aim at reducing cost but you expect a similar culture of communications and focus on results as you would expect it from an inhouse team or local partner. We understand that nearshoring requires strong communications, reliability, plannability, and trust. As we are invested in your long-term success this is exactly what we require too.
We are tangible. In a post pandemic world, we are here to meet as we believe in personal relations as a driver for quality and as having a positive effect on understanding expectations. Finally, it is our belief that IT must follow business. It’s our focus on the IT 
driven business success of our clients that makes us stand out. Software is not a goal. Software should support the achievement of business goals instead.

You can trust us because it is in our interest to collaborate with you in the long run. Short termism is too expensive for us.
Our estimates are on the conservative side. And we constantly monitor planned versus real project speed in order to add resources where needed to stay within the pan.
You need a partner that meets expectations. We do raise uncomfortable questions at the beginning to align expectations.
We are fans of instant communications via Slack or other channels to discuss issues when they arise and to find swift solutions on the go.


When you decide working with a new software development company you are investing time and effort to get the collaboration started. You want to ensure that this time the software development agency is in for the long run and that it is worth kick-starting a new partnership. You are basically evaluating the sustainability of such a collaboration. We share that view on sustainable partnerships and long-term collaboration because for us too it is an investment to building relationships and getting started with a new client. Once, everything is in place we are in the same boat with you going the extra mile to meet and exceed your expectations.

8 Years

Services Experience


Satisfied Clients

150 Years

Combined team experience

1 000 000

Lines of clean code written



Artificial Intelligence

Our Partner WE CONNECT AI covers the following AI use cases which we will integrate into your existing systems.


Fake reviews


- Competitors leave fake reviews to gain a competitive advantage.


- Not possible to track all reviews in real time

- Loss of customers in case of too many bad product reviews.


- Software plugin that detects fake reviews and warns customers or deletes these comments right away.

Added value

- Higher conversion

- More customer satisfaction

- Higher safety

Reconnect with website visitors


- Low conversion despite high number of web store visits. 

- High cost per visit, no repeat purchases from existing customers.


- No information about behavior of customers.

- Or: Too much information for manual analysis.


- Tracking plugin on your web shop that detects behavioral patterns and gives accurate analysis including 
recommended actions per customer.

- Automated targeted mails after purchase for other products.

Added value

- Increased conversion

- Resource savings through automation

- Higher customer satisfaction

Reduction of the churn rate


- Unpredictable terminations.

- Losing customers to competition.

- No chance of winning them back after termination.


- No direct correlation between customer history and customer terminations. 

- Too many proactive mails to satisfied customers lead to disapproval.


- Create system that over time, recognizes patterns and sends alerts to responsible parties. Additional recommendation of actions. (Price reduction, other insurance, etc.)

Added value

- Proactive contact

- Stronger customer loyalty

- Fewer terminations

Up- & Cross-Selling


- Great effort to win new customers, but no possibility to propose additional products to existing customers. 

- If a client receives too many offers there will be negative consequences to customer loyalty.


- No direct correlation between customer data and products. 

- Checking all data manually is not feasible.


- Data analysis program to uncover all links between customer data and e.g. insurance claims.

Added value

- Drafting demand-oriented quotes

- Higher conversion

- Higher return per customer

Real time quality assurance in production


- Quality issues in production are detected too late or not at all and cause damage.


- Testing of all parts is too time consuming

- No guarantee given for quality assurance.


- Quality detection through an intelligent camera system. 

- Monitoring of the production process and parts to be assembled. 
- Immediate warning in case of non-compliance with quality standards.

Added value

- Higher quality

- Reduced cost in quality control

Predicitve maintenance & failure of machines


- Machine failures in production are detected too late and cause production stops.


- Missing parameters when failures can occur.

- Data structure is too dense for humans to recognize patterns.


- Prediction-based maintenance cycles, which detect even the smallest patterns immediately before failures and sends alerts to the maintenance team.

Added value

- Less downtime

- Smaller spare parts warehouse

- Value-added security

- Minimization of further damage

Forecasting lifetime value and terminations


- Large number of existing customers, but also large number of terminations. 

- Company has no possibility to actively prevent terminations.


- Root cause of termination not visible.

- Customer dissatisfaction due to not receiving the right care.


- Classify customers into satisfaction classes and rank them according to probabilities for cancellation. Propose individual standard mails/posts to convince customers to stay.

Added value

- Fewer terminations

- Increased customer satisfaction

Sales and Demand Prediction


- Uncertainty about market development and future demand and thus difficulty in resource planning. This results in excessively high or low inventories.


- No forecast possible with existing indicators.

- Pandemic data destroys previous forecasting models.


- Trend analysis of demand over the next few months using a forecasting model that incorporates a large number of internal and external indicators into the calculation.

Added value

- Planning reliability

- More efficient inventories



- High staffing levels in customer service.


- More traffic to websites and an increasing number of customer interactions leads to growth in service staff.


- Customer interaction and answering simple queries can besupported by chatbots.

Added value

- Faster response

- Higher customer satisfaction

- Reduction in resources